Enhancing drivers' sight

HMDrive enables the usage of Augmented Reality glasses for improving driving experience for any kind of context and driver.

Augmented Reality for drivers

Augmented Reality (AR) is the key future technology for enhancing human sight. HMDrive leverages the best transparent AR glasses on the market to radically improve the visual experience for drivers, creating the first effective AR ADAS for industrial vehicles or unique immersive experiences for sport cars drivers on track.

HMDrive technology is a low-level software solution which processes inertial and position sensors from the vehicle and the AR glasses to enable the possibility to place holograms where desidered. The main advantages of HMDrive solution are that:

  • Based on off the shelf hardware components
  • Plug&Play solution: vehicle, context and AR glasses independent
  • Most advanced AI algorithms and software methodologies (2 patents)


HMDrive technology is a low level technology: vehicle and context independent. Therefore, it can be used on many different scenarios for enhaincing drivers' sight. In the industrial world, it can be used for creating an AR ADAS to improve the productivity and improve safety, while it can also be applied on passengers or sport cars for creating innovative and immersive driving experiences.

Motorsport TV events

Compare different trajectories or dynamics of drivers thanks to a "ghost car" viewed from the camera car mounted on the vehicle. We call it "AR on video" and we really love it.

Sport cars

Seat on you sport car, wear a pair of AR glasses, see an AR "ghost car" driven by a professional driver and try to follow his trajectories on the circuit. This is the future of in-vehicle AR experience, for entertainment.

Heavy-duty vehicles

Distraction, low visibility and occlusion cause around 50M accidents per year. With HMDrive you can create the first effective AR ADAS to let drivers being 100% focused on the putside environment.

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We are a unique combination of experienced and succesful tech and business people with young innovators and entrepreneurs. We just want to make previously impossible things a reality, or maybe an Augmented Reality.

Marco Centurioni


Marco is a real challenge lover, he wants to improve people's lives by applying innovative technoogies, like AR.

Luca Franceschetti


Luca is our chief of problem solving. Give him a problem and he will found brilliant ways for fixing it.

Sergio Savaresi

Head of strategy

Sergio has an incredible experience on the automotive industry. You have to speak with him if you want to understand the future of mobility.

Matteo Corno

Head of R&D

Matteo is experienced on many deep tech technologies. We have never found a problem too complex that Matteo was not able to understand and model it.


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